Casually chic groomsmen: Photography: Anne Blodgett -

Kate Moss' Style + Mexico = This Incredibly CHIC Wedding

If Kate Moss and the Country of Mexico collaborated, we think it would equate to this incredibly CHIC wedding. Just take one glance at the gallery from Anne Blodgett Photography and we have a feeling you& be

Casual groom? Lose the tie for a less formal wedding look. As long as the rest of the suit is nice and tailored, the outfit should still look classy enough for a wedding.

Great Groom Attire Ideas for a Summer Wedding

Country Backyard Wedding

Country Backyard Wedding

Lamar can wear a classy camo vest, white button up shirt with a coral tie, and the groomsmen can wear a white button up, camo suspenders, and a coral tie

adorable original outfit for a groom

Bohemian Forest Themed Wedding Ideas

7 great fall groomsmen attire ideas. Love these! {via Project Wedding}

Fun Date Night Ideas

LOVE this!  Coordinating, but NOT matching. groomsmen casual, comfortable and unique.  Classy! I have always thought that matchy match groomsmen look like a barbershop quartet :) LOL ! I think if you are going to ask someone to partake in your wedding, that #1, you should help with the cost of their outfit, and #2 embrace that they are unique and not a "boy band".  These guys in this pic can easily still wear these cool vests, shirts etc... for everyday life as well.

Waistcoat For Men- Learn How To Make The Most Of This Look

Some men would prefer to wear jeans. and they can be worn again! If I have a country wedding, I wouldn't mind the guys to wear jeans instead of slacks. :) Love the plaid shirts, rxclude the ties.