Checkered cake on the inside

35 Amazing Birthday Cake Ideas

Checkerboard Birthday Cake - Eat Healthy Stockphoto My mom had a set of cake pans with separators that made a checkerboard cake. The batter had to be extra thick to keep it from running, but it turned out pretty. This way, however, is foolproof.

Steps on how to make a CHECKERED cake!

Checkerboard Cake!~ A Blog Tutorial

30 Surprise-Inside Cake and Treat Ideas!!

30 Surprise-Inside Cake Ideas (with pictures & recipes)

30 Surprise-Inside Cake and Treat Ideas! I did the chess board one and it worked a treat.

So great. A plaid-inside cake in shades of red is covered in wood grain and bark texture. Oh and a sugar axe!

LUMBERJACK CAKE_You might remember Elizabeth Marek, of the Portland, Oregon-based Artisan Cake Company, from the “Visual Guide to Cake Decorating” book she published last year. Now, Marek is back with another project: the lumberjack cake!

checker cake

A tasty chess-board cake! Bake two sponge-cakes – the first one white and the second one colored with cocoa – in a movable bottom cake form. The recipe.

Checkerboard Cake - Easy to make, you just pipe 3 circles of alternating batter in pans, then bake! Mom made these often...

Checkerboard cake from Good Housekeeping. I've made Flo Braker's (similar) recipe a couple times, which can be dry if overbaked., but provides guaranteed drama on the plate.

Checkered board cake

A checkerboard cake is one of the prettiest cakes there is. You do not need a special pan to make one, here are some simple steps to help you replicate the effect.

Traditional Battenberg Cake Recipe - includes super detailed instructions and lots of photos

Traditional Battenberg

Traditional Battenberg cake--great recipe with step-by-step pictures. Decoration can be taken a step further by placing dragees in the intersections of the marzipan cover.