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Daft and compact Japanese garden with Shoji Screens perfect for the contemporary home. * I like the moss garden in the courtyard idea.

Landscape Design Online: 5 Hot Tips and Tricks

Minimalist design - delta light fixture and very large bowl; the light and bowl make the design;

Hoy mi intención es recordar que mi personalidad puede limitarme. Cuestionemos nuestros esquemas e ideas sobre nosotr@s mism@s. Preguntarse a si mism@ ¿Para que soy así?

Edible stones and zen soil? Figure and ground are terms for positive and negative space. The forms(positive space) exist on top of or within the ground(negative space.) Here the rocks are forms and the sand is the ground.

Why should decorating be limited to indoors? These vinyl prints are perfect for outdoor entertaining, yet also work great in your home decor. They are made of a durable 10 oz vinyl that you may stretc

Ivey Covered Stairway Landscape Vinyl Print

landscaping design ideas for backyard can be simple and within your budget. Try these simple landscaping design ideas for backyard the inexpensive way

Family chilling in a cacoon hammock tripod with the pup

Double Cacoon Hammock: Natural White

Inspired by the beautifully stitched together hanging nests of the weaver bird the Cacoon hammock is a perfect tree swing. Designed with cotton and polyester to help retain the soft feel of natural ca