Funny Pictures For Today (#109)

Funny Pictures For Today (#109)

Can't you ever relax? Answer: No I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder that causes me to feel restless. This is me at yoga!


That is so true and makes me giggle, lol.Funny Confession Ecard: The only thing I hate more than having a dirty house is cleaning.

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Funny pictures about A Hand That's Doesn't Know How To Hand. Oh, and cool pics about A Hand That's Doesn't Know How To Hand. Also, A Hand That's Doesn't Know How To Hand photos.

I know! It aggrivates me! Whenever someone comes over, I ask them what our house smells like, because I want to know so badly... | See more about cleaning humor, house smells and houses.

Let's hope at least your shower smells clean with the Shower Shimmy cleaning solution!

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Today, I saw that my ironing board cover was wrinkled. I laughed at the irony. Then I laughed again because irony has the word iron in it. Even more ironic is that I dont do ironing