Important Knots for Mountaineering - forty three Usefull Climbing Ideas and Tips....  Figure out more by visiting the photo link

43 Useful Hiking Tips and Tricks

Need to tie a knot? There’s an app for that! Wait, no! There’s no app for that! But with this infographic you can tie all sorts of specialty knots with no trouble at all.Via Black Point Outdoors.More great Outdoors knowledge.

Improve Your Climbing Finger Strength  It's obvious to anyone that building strength in the fingers is one of the most important (if not the most important) areas to build strength on the body of a climber.  Regardless of how strong your back, chest, arms and your core is, if

Getting back into the climbing game. Found a good indoor gym. so i guess it is time to get my body as well as my mind right. How To Improve Your Climbing Finger Strength

The Boulder Workout

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It's like she's holding onto nothing. What a BAMF!

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Rock climbing is another hobby of mine. I use to work at a rock climbing wall. I worked there for just over three years while also leading outdoor climbing and backpacking trips.

Two climbers in California’s Yosemite national park make history as they reach the summit of what has been called the world’s hardest rock climb. Kevin Jorgeson and Tommy Caldwell, seen climbing here, scaled the half-mile section of exposed granite known as the Dawn Wall on El Capitan peak. Corey Rich/Aurora Photos

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Conquering El Capitan: climbers make history in California’s Yosemite national park – Tommy Caldwell free climbing El Capitan’s Dawn Wall Photograph: Corey Rich/Aurora Photos

Forgetting to bring along essential climbing gear can end your ascent before it gets started. Use this Trad Climbing Checklist to make sure you leave home with the most important items, including a rope, harness, helmet, shoes, belay device and rack of nuts, hexes and cams. Click the pin to see our complete checklist.

Forgetting to bring along essential climbing gear can end your ascent before it gets started. Here's the checklist!

8 ways to improve your climbing from Cool of the Wild

8 Simple Ways to Improve your Climbing

Have you reached a plateau in your climbing performance? Either way, these 8 pointers will help you focus your efforts in the right direction so that you can get the most out of your hours on the rock.

15 Best Games and Exercises to Improve Your Rock Climbing //

15 Games and Exercises to Improve Rock Climbing » Local Adventurer

A Guide to Rock Climbing Infographic 2013 by macey mackubin, via Behance

A Guide to Rock Climbing is an info graphic poster meant to help someone thinking about getting into climbing. It gives the viewer the basics on gear, places to climb, safety and communication, and the rating system of climbing.

Armenia Climbing - Jared Nielson Photography

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Five Rock Climbing Books Every Climber Should Read -

Want to boost your rock climbing ability without getting covered in chalk? Try out these 5 rock climbing books we think every climber should read.