Funfetti Dip - a quick, easy and delicious treat recipe perfect for any occasion!

Suuuuuper easy to throw together and it tasted exactly like frosting! Large quantity for big crowd! Funfetti Dip - a quick, easy and delicious treat recipe perfect for any occasion!

- Mix one box funfetti cake mix (do not add ingredients to the cake mix, you only need the mix itself) - two cups plain yogurt - 1/2 tub cool whip Serve with animal crackers, or Graham crackers

Confetti Dip

DUNKAROO DIP: 1 box funfetti cake mix (DO NOT add the ingredients that you usually would to actually make the cake - you need just the mix) 2 cups plain yogurt container of cool whip. Serve with animal crackers or graham crackers

You'll devour this Confetti Cookie Dough Ball long before the real one drops. Get the recipe from

Confetti Cookie Dough Ball

Geschenkverpackung mit Konfetti: ein optisches Highlight! Wenn ihr also mal beeindrucken wollt...

7 Days of Gift Wrapping Ideas: DIY Confetti Dipped Presents

Confetti Dip: great for a wedding shower! 3 simple ingredients - greek yogurt, funfetti cake mix and cool whip. I made it with two 6oz yogurt pots rather than the 16oz in the recipe, so it was a little thicker than pictured. This dip contains 105 calories for 1/4 cup!

Skinny Funfetti Cake Batter Dip


Ostern 2015

These DIY Confetti Dipped Easter Eggs are so fun, unique, and glittery! Who doesn’t love a good ol’ glitter confetti on some gorgeous pastel Easter eggs?

Confetti Dip

Confetti Dip is a recipe that I received from a friend over forty years ago and it is as good today as it was 44 years ago.

Confetti Dip Recipe

Confetti Dip

1 box funfetti cake mix, container plain yogurt, container of cool whip. Serve with animal crackers, graham crackers. 3 parts Funfetti cake mix (e. 1 cup) 2 parts plain yogurt (e. cup) 1 part Cool Whip (e.

Set out a batch of this delicious Confetti Dip with some Nilla Wafers at your next party!

Nothing beats a dessert dip! Mix together cake mix, yogurt, and whipped cream for this sweet treat. Don't forget the rainbow sprinkles!

Confetti Dipped Strawberries

Confetti Dipped Strawberries

Confetti Dipped Strawberries - Step Stool Chef-Confetti Dipped Strawberries are a fun treat perfect for parties, picnics or just an afternoon snack. Watch how kids can make it on their in 3 easy steps.

Confetti Dipped Strawberries: Fun & Easy Recipe for Kids to Make | The Step Stool Chef

Confetti Dipped Strawberries

Dunkaroo dip

Funfetti Cake Dip

skinny funfetti dip 1 box funfetti cake mix, 2 cups fat free plain yogurt, i cup lite cool whip. serve with fat free animal crackers