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South Korea is working to end cosmetic testing on animals in the near future. Sign this petition and thank Hyung Ju Lee and the other Cruelty Free International members for all of their efforts to bring about this much needed change.

Success! UK Government Agrees To Keep Funding National Wildlife Crime Unit

Sign the petition! - Support End to Cruel Angora Operations Abusive to Animals


petitie: Shut Down The Puppy Mill Capital of Minnesota and Urge State Lawmakers To Ban Puppy Mills, Minnesota

Save Platypuses and Other Animals: Stop Bow Fishing in New South Wales


This Zoo Is Sending All Of Its Elephants To A Sanctuary | Care2 Causes


Success! Great News For Wolves And Coyotes In Ontario - Meister created a Care2 petition demanding that the MNRF protect wolves and coyotes in Ontario. The petition criticizes a proposal intended to increase wolf and coyote hunting to protect moose populations. Meister and other opponents argue that there is no sound evidence suggesting that an increase in wolf hunting would protect moose. Within a couple of months, she had collected more than 112,000 signatures from people across the…


HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!! Success! 220 Research Chimps Will Be Released to a Sanctuary - “We’re making history here,” said Sarah Baeckler Davis, co-founder of Project Chimps. “We’re thrilled to partner with NIRC on this retirement of so many chimpanzees. It’s an unprecedented collaboration and a momentous occasion for chimpanzees.” More than 20,000 Care2 members signed a petition asking the NIRC to release the research animals.


Monkey Who Spent Eight Years on a Chain Finally Gets Her Freedom! (PHOTOS)

Every year, thousands of Thailand's monkeys are stolen from their homes in the wild and trafficked into the pet trade.


Petition · Rt Hon David Cameron MP: Ban Animal Hunting in the UK