et inspire with these stunning hairdo's to greet 2016 in style

13 Fierce Hairstyles To Try This NYE

Discover a collection of cool festival hairstyles, from braided hairstyles, braid hair to bohemian hair, boho hair. Find out hairstyles for your festival looks!

Impressively Twisted Braids You'll Want to Master

Impressively Twisted Braids You'll Want to Master

Are you simply in love with different braided hairstyles? If yes, check out the braid hairstyles like twisted braids, doube dutch braid, carousel braid, flower hairstyle and merry go round.

Mohawk Pull through braid I will be doing this to Malis hair today!

Fun for Crazy hair day at school Mohawk Pull through braid I will be doing this to Malis hair today!

I did something like this at school lol I got credit for Avant-Garde

Want to use the messy ruffled look used on this hair to create my zombie look

Rebel Without  a Cause

The more you practice the better you will handle this braid. The good news is though that braids look better if they are not neat and perfect. Zanita looks ice with this hairstyle and I think it is worth the h…


2015 beauty hairstyle trend: it's all about cornrow braids and hairdos. From the runway to magazines, would you try cornrow braids style yourself?

This is for you Taylor and Jessi

The "S" Braid: Get the How-to! - Career

Viral Braid Alert: How many people would you assume would watch a seven-minute YouTube video where someone's hair gets braided?

Mother Fashions Kids Hair Into Preposterous Updos, Becomes YouTube Sensation

Waterfall french braid- takes a few tries to get it right but it's worth it!

There are some simple & easy hairstyles for school girls to try from. It won’t take much of your time for slight modifications in basic hairdos will do the

I know it's a lot to pin but these are all amazing braids

Some of these are amazing, some are pretty gaudy

Red braided hairstyles! Images and Video Tutorials! | The HairCut Web!

Is there a more easy way to freshen up than to make one of braided bun hairstyles? There are quick and casual buns you make in a matter of minutes when you are short on time, an

"Artistic hairstyles" is what this is called. This is what hair looks like in hell when you are trying to eat something sticky while it's windy and you have lip gloss on.

We love the idea of creating dual texture using intricate braids with our model's natural hair type and using product to make wet-look designs on face - possibly kiss curls?