Oil Paintings on Canvas Cuban Art by Bobby Rodriquez from Miami

CIGAR PORN oxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoOil Paintings on Canvas Cuban Art by Bobby Rodriquez from Miami

Antonio Gattorno (1904-1980) is said to be the father of modernism in Cuba.  After studying in Europe for seven years he returned to his home country and painted local subject matter focusing largely on portraying the humble dignity of the people despite their impoverished situation.   Curiously he depicts the men in a vaguely cubist style and the women in a soft and gently curvacious style. Gattorno redefined Cuban art and the results are somehow so personal, atmospheric, and deeply…

Cuban Art and the Search for a National Identity

Untitled (pouring coffee) by Cuban painter Antonio Gattorno via art mundus

Vintage Cuba Poster


Cuba Paradise of the Tropics (Kerne Erickson) I've been wanting to go to Cuba since I was in high school and learned about the Afro-Cubano music and saw movies from the and that advertised Cuaban tourism

Cuba Travel Poster Afrocuban Yoruba Religion Office Travel Shop Decor 6i | eBay

Cuba Travel Poster.Afro Cuban Yoruba Religion.Office Travel shop art Decor.6i

The Travel Tester vintage travel poster collection. It's time to get nostalgic with this week's retro destination: Vintage Travel Posters Cuba