Ugh I need a cuddle buddy ;-; you know what? I shall post a cuddle buddy application!

Mark Sloan on

ignore this one but imagine if Dean and Castiel were watching a movie together and Dean was just fiddling with Castiels trench coat.>>> That would be the cutest thing ever

Absolutely adorable and a forever  cuddle buddy!

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My carry-on luggage! So cute!

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Mały Husky wie, jaki pluszak jest najlepszy! //

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Which sign is your best cuddle buddy? Find out here

~Pisces make the best "cuddle buddies" for us huh? zodiacspot: Which sign is your best cuddle buddy?



seeking cuddle partner, must enjoy cuddling movies in bed napping with possible kissing and fucking, funny but totally true

WANTED: Cuddle Buddy - Long Hours and flexibility a must.  I should post this around and see if anyone replies...

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