Democraat humor

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A collection of humorous political memes and parodies featuring President Barack Obama.

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Listen here! It's not that I'm anti-Republican. I'm just anti- dumbasses in general.

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I love her so much! Her insight on politics is one no one can rival with.

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Donald Trump....presidential material?! Hahahahahahaha! Your IQ must be in the single digits.

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Time will reveal All. When the Shit does hit the fan (it will) somehow it will be Obama's fault!!

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The battles of my '60s novel "Daffodil Sunrise" continue. If anything, the stakes are only higher. ...

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Republicans, the gift that just keeps on being repulsive.

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Staged picture! But this is the mentality of so many of my neighbors.

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Roughly 10% less democrats voted in the 2016 election, over five million votes, then they did in the 2012 election and that is how Trump was elected. If you want to blame someone, blame those too lazy to find the time to vote.

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Funniest Trump Transition Memes: Trump Appointees

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