69 Inspirational Typography Tattoos

69 Inspirational Typography Tattoos- it means through hardships to the stars- beautiful quote.

A garden is a wonderful place to sit outdoors. You can sit and do many things like drink tea or coffee and read. The green colour of plants helps you relax and the clean air makes you comfortable. I wish to sit in this same place.

Although tiny, this house is already equipped with luxury facilities. Inspired by his teenage years spent living abroad in Hong Kong, Macau and India

a door that turns into a Ping Pong Table Door,Never miss an opportunity for a hit with this multi-functional doorway.

If a person is Silent, It dosen't mean that He is unknown of Fun , Enjoynment & Thrills .It means that the life has taught Him some Lessons Which has made Him Silent......

Whenever I find the key to happiness someone changes the lock.

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Once installed, our mirrorless medicine cabinets look & operate just like a picture frame hanging on your wall.

Copper and teal

He once held the key to my heart, but the key simply stopped working. My heart was broken into too many pieces for the lock to turn.

Green Man Cast Door Knocker-Gate Keeper