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Op deze 1.600 kilometer lange trip met de Blue Train tussen Pretoria en Kaapstad doe je onder andere de diamantmijnen aan en het prachtige Zuid-Afrikaanse landschap krijg je erbij. Deze trein heeft twee soorten suites: deluxe en luxury. Luxueus is het dus zeker. #BlueTrain #ZuidAfrika

Les diamants de Popigaï : 100 000 000 000 000 de dollars à portée de main? ~ Sweet Random Science

Visit the diamond mine in Murfreesboro, Arkansas


The mirny diamond mine in russia is the world’s biggest hole - it’s 525 metres deep and 1.25km wide.The suction above the hole resulted in several helicopter crashes, so all flight above the hole is prohibited now.


Crater of Diamonds State Park, Murfreesboro, Arkansas (Pike County) is the only diamond mine in the world where visitors can dig for diamonds & keep what they find. An average of 2 diamonds a day are found, along with 40 other gemstones & minerals including amethyst, jasper, peridot, garnet, & quartz. The Strawn diamond (bottom) found in 1990 weighed 3.09 carats, 1.09 carats when cut - it's rated a perfect 0/0/0 & considered a one-in-a-billion stone. Valued at $34k, it's on display at the…


Diavik diamond mind located in the Northwest Territories of Canada


Kimberly Diamond Mine is where Cecil Rhodes, the man after which Rhodesia was named (later to become Zimbabwe) made his fortune. It is the biggest hand dug hole in the world, it’s depth being over 1,000 metres.The mine has given up over 3 tonnes of diamonds and finally closed in 1914.


Mirny Mine is a former open pit diamond mine, now inactive, located in Mirny, Eastern Siberia, Russia. The mine is 525 meters deep and has a diameter of 1,200m, and is the second largest excavated hole in the world. The airspace above the mine is closed for helicopters because of incidents in which they were sucked in by the downward air flow. In 2010, A proposal was made to create a city within the crater which houses up to 100,000 people.