Kiss Away Cancer - Fun activity at any fundraising event. Tip: place a donation jar or box near Kiss mural so that people can also contribute financially.

Kappa Tau Chapter (Florida Gulf Coast University) held a "Kiss Away Cancer" event to raise money and spread awareness on campus. // Relay for life stand

book donation box

Make A Book Donation Station - Encourage Giving In Tweens

Cool take on the piggy bank

French Design For The Young At Heart

Cool take on the piggy bank- would be great for our giant coins from the…

Cute idea to have a donation box in an animal shelter

I have recently visited many museums and I’ve seen many of them have donation boxes. While most of them were plain and bland, a few of them were more interesting and caught my attention, maki…

What is money without a life? Save a life and help someone enjoy it better. Every pint saves 3.

Ten adverts that shocked the world

Australian Red Cross campaign to raise awareness of people to donate blood. Agency: M Saatchi Sydney, Australia.