Celtic Dragon Tattoo | Dragon tattoo for the back by ~Sakashima on deviantART

the dragon i want is specifically a japanese dragon, so this one's out of the question, but still looks good.

thought this'd be nice stile to use for the back of the dress I am using for the alphonose mucha project, and my new oc.

dreadfulstripper: “ game-of-style: “ Nymeria Sand - Roberto Cavalli Snake Strap Back Gown(x) - submitted by thestraightcurve ” i have a MIGHTY NEED ”

Amazing black dragon back piece – done by Genko

As a tattoo artist, I have often noticed that a lot of people do not know the difference between a Japanese tattoo and a Chinese tattoo.

Dragon tattoo on back

Latest 50 Meaningful Dragon Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Dragon tattoo designs for men and women may or may not be different. These dragon tattoo designs found their history from ancient Chinese culture.

Dragon Tattoos

Geniale Drachen Tattoos

Artist: Luka Lajoie Location: Montreal, Canada Artist's IG: Richardson-Banks Lajoie Massive cover up in the lower back.