Totally Easy Zentangle

Cool and and super-easy zentangle drawing project. Would be a great end of school art project.

a faithful attempt: Observational Drawing Paper curls would make an interesting… value, drawing exercise, drawing warm up

I loved doing this in art class. Art With Mr. E: Line Design w/Shading - Grade Very cool, fun art shading project from Art With Mr. E. he's an elementary art specialist. Try this with your kids (but I think grown ups would enjoy this too).

A change in curriculum structure: You may have read about the way we structured our Art Survey course last year in my post about the I.

Blackout Poety : Poems even Middle Schoolers Love Writing

blackout poetry examples - could photocopy pages of books of various topics & genres, then ask students to create poetry or summaries by blacking-out words

(Hand Study / Drawing on Various Papers w/ Mixed Media - Conway High School Art Project) Strength in unity

My art project: Draw only with straight lines

Portrait drawn only with straight lines. Shadowing done only in lines as well. No solid shading. Only lines done in varying widths apart and in size.

Sketchbook Explorations

Sketchbook drawing and painting exercises from the Sketchbook Explorations course at Creative Bug. Drawings by Kate Hadfield.

FOR PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT CLASS Bryony Houldsworth: Year Experimental Drawing Project. At my old high school we could only paint on canvas/illustration board

The paper plate is GENUIS! ----Blind contour drawing is a fun way to see how accurately we can draw when we observe something very carefully, by looking at it and not looking away. - Using a paper plate is a great way to accomplish this.