“Many investigators feel uneasy stating in public that the origin of life is a mystery, even though behind closed doors they admit they are baffled.” ~ Paul Davies

Digital Art by Igor Artyomenko

What Dreams May Come [awesome illustration of dandelion puff and fairy tale world and outer space]

Nous avions déjà parlé l'année dernière du photographe Charlie Davoli et de ses photographies Instagram surréalistes (Le monde surréaliste de Charlie Da

Day Dreams – Les nouvelles photographies Instagram surréalistes de Charlie Davoli

Digital artist Charlie Davoli uses ordinary iPhone apps such as Superimpose, Matter, and iDesign to transform his photographs into surreal digital artworks.

Each of us humans has a pocket of whimsy somewhere in their person!

How Is Your Whimsy Fairing?

How do you like to go up in a swing, Up in the air so blue? Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing Ever a child can do! Swing and cloud

Inspiration: Using Images as Writing Prompts | Tea with Tumnus - awesome post

Inspiration: Using Images as Writing Prompts

Our Ends Are Beginnings - by ParadisiacPicture (pascale) on DeviantArt (Showcasing 50 Creative Photo-Manipulations on CrispMe)

shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest StumbleUpon TumblrGood art or quality art is the dream of an art lover or anybody who is connected with the world of art in any capacity. When we look at the work of certain artists, we cannot help but wonder if they found the inspiration for their work from their dreams. That is why we are going to tell you a bit about dream art, which is either creating art from your dreams or creating art that has a dream like quality. In either cases, the basis of the…

Dream Art; Literally Recording Your Dreams In The Form Of Art

love pretty beauty drawing Illustration art couple boyfriend cute adorable Cool anime beautiful forever sky Awesome galaxy stars manga night sky blue hug amazing crush Anime Couple love forever couple girfriend couple hug <<< this is clearly the doctor!

Graphic artist Dan Elijah Fajardo creates colorful illustrations. #art #illustration   See more: https://www.mymodernshop.com/artist/portfolio/7963

New in My Modern Shop: The Colorful Illustrations of Dan Fajardo

Graphic Artist [Dan Elijah Fajardo] Creates Colorful Illustrations -I love this artwork!

Cet artiste mêle réalité et fantaisie pour créer des scènes surréalistes spectaculaires

Cet artiste mêle réalité et fantaisie pour créer des scènes surréalistes spectaculaires

Turkish artist Hüseyin Şahin is a true photo editing master. Using Photoshop, he doesn’t just blend images together, he creates true masterpieces that take you to a surreal world. You can fol…

Commande sur mesure (ajouté bleu/vert d’eau)  CETTE PEINTURE EXACTE EST VENDUE Vous pouvez acheter une commande personnalisée pour une pièce similaire en achetant ici. Votre peinture sera créé très similaire dans le même style, couleur et taille. Après votre commande, je vais commencer à créer votre peinture. Chaque peinture est originale et individuelle mais mes clients épris de leur peinture est ma priorité numéro !  Je rêve de peinture et puis jai peint mon rêve-Vincent van Gogh  Comme un…

Living Room Painting Art Paintings Acrylic Paintings XL / Extra LARGE Wall Art… -- i love how textured and wave-like the painting is.

Writing wabi sabi borrows from an old Japanese concept to help your writing productivity and creativity. Learn how to write wabi sabi.

Writing Wabi Sabi

Writing Wabi Sabi - Wabi Sabi is a concept borrowed from the Japanese that has to do with accepting impermanence and imperfection. Applying this concept to writing can lead to a way of seeing the world that results in greater creativity

Dreaming women endure the elements of nature and life in the otherworldly…

Sensitivity as Strength in Dreamy Paintings by Alexandra Levasseur

Desert Mirrors Installation for Dreams Project by Shirin Abedinirad

Desert Mirrors Installation for Dreams Project by Shirin Abedinirad

Evocation by SHIRIN ABEDINIRAD, Iran Central Desert in circular mirrors on the sand, symbolizes the dryness in the dessert and lack of water.

Nuit de folies mentale

I like this dreamscape. the lit butterflies, the yellow/orange/dark teal palette, something about grass/ground in the sky. I like the idea of a surrealist setting. (Dream by on deviantART)

Auch hier wieder ein absolutes Farbenbeispiel. Gerade und vor allem die Wolken und der Berg oben. Aber eben auch diese Harmonie zwischen rosa und blau und schwarz. Genau solche Farben und Harmonien meine ich. ♥

Landscapes & Scenery Digital Art by Niken Anindita

kheled zaram by megatruh - Landscapes & Scenery Digital Art by Niken / space horizon / moon / shooting stars / sci fi / fantasy / colorful

The wishing well                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Digital Art by Sylar113

leur photo collage paire de lunettes avec incrustation de qq chose qui illustre "je préfère voir "

Photographies vintage et incrustations géométriques par Kelly O'Connor