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Egyptian Mau is as old as Egyptian History and perfectly reflects the Egyptian beauty as well.The cat originated thousands of years ago carries an important position among the hearts of cat owners and one of the biggest reason is them being so affectionate and loving. Egyptian Maus are ranked as NO.1 in being affectionate.These cats are intelligent,alert and active.They can be trained easily and make good loyal fmily companions.


The Egyptian Mau's face is adorned with an M-shaped mark on the forehead and two black streaking lines across its cheeks.

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While fanciers might at first be attracted to the Egyptian Mau's beautiful spotted coat, most become enthusiasts because of the breed's temperament and personality. Maus, like their ancestors that were invited along on the duck hunts of their Egyptian companions, love to fetch.


Snow That Falls Overnight: Sweet caring queen. Mate: Dead, Kits: Wind That Blows Leaf Off Aspen, Song of wind in trees, & Pebble On Path By Stream. She cat (open)


Wist je, dat de Egyptische mau een echte Egyptische kat is, die daar zo’n 4000 jaar geleden al voorkwam? Door zijn goede jagerskwaliteiten was hij bijna onmisbaar, omdat hij ervoor zorgde dat de graanschuren ongedierte vrij bleven. Behalve een uitstekend jager is de Egyptische mau een fijne, speelse, intelligente gezinskat, die het vaak plezierig vindt om op de schouders te worden meegedragen. Wil je meer weten over de Egyptische mau, kijk dan op de encyclopediepagina van GEKop katten.