Elizabeth ii

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Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary) (1926-living2013) UK & husband  Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh (Philip Mountbatten, born Prince Philip (1921-living2013) Greece by unknown artist.
Queen Elizabeth II. She looks simply divine in this ensemble. One of my all-time favorite gowns owned by the Queen.
Simply a lovely girl who is a Queen with a charming and animated face looking to be enjoying herself. Great picture of her Royal Highness.
The Family Tree of the current monarch of England - the House of Windsor
History of the British Monarchy:  Queen Elizabeth II by Dorothy Wilding - 1952
Queen Elizabeth II when she was an 18-year-old Princess.
vanity fair queen elizabeth | Queen Elizabeth II Takes Her Love for Corgis on the Cover of Vanity ...

Queen Elizabeth II Poses for the Cover of Vanity Fair

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