jennifer morrison - emma swan

jennifer morrison - emma swan with Granny on the ouat season premiere, 5 years ago!

Once Upon a Time Favorite Character Moments: Emma Swan

Day favorite episode of season PILOT. I can't really think of a specific episode right now but I do love the pilot cause it where everything started

Emma Swan - 5 * 8 "Birth"

✨Jennifer Morrison - "Once upon a time" (TV ) - Costume designer : Eduardo Castro

Charmings :)

Snow White, Prince Charming and Emma Swan - Once Upon A Time. Adorable little family. 〖 Once Upon a Time Emma Swan Snow White Prince Charming David 〗

Colin O'Donoghue - Killian Jones -Captain Hook - Jennifer Morrison - Emma Swan - Captain Swan - Once Upon A Time

just-be-magnificent: “ “ It’s one-year anniversary of the fanfic though just a flicker it may be - the zombie apocalypse au by yay! so here’s my little gift ” more aesthetics