i need this t-shirt for my sloth days, or when i have to go to uni on a day that needs to be a sloth day.

if poeple ask " but your a human " say " No im not im a emo baby "

5 total black outfits for stylish school girls

5 total black outfits for stylish school girls

An adorable outfit for fall imagine how many different variations you could do with this outfit

Hah, I need to get this for my (not blood related) Uncle!!! If Any Of You Know Me On A Peronal Level, You'll Know Who I'm Talking About!!!!

I'm Emo But In A Gerard Way Ladies Black T-Shirt

This hilarious play on words makes this a great gift for any MCR fan - inspired by the vibrant rockers, this tee in black features the caption I'm Emo. But In A Gerard Way.

Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease just please! I need this! LIKE I NEED IT!!!! #emofashion,

Really awesome cute sweater with print on it, panic !at the disco, fall out boy, my chemical romance<<<I NEED IT

"Dream jacket" by emobandgeekforlife ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring rag & bone/JEAN, Hot Topic, Ultimate, Humör, ELSE, Kreepsville 666 and Hollywood Mirror

Once upon a time, in a cafe at Derby Uni, someone took my denim jacket with all the badges when I left it on the back of a chair 😣 it wouldn't even fit me now, but I still miss it!