Gorgeous Lab

English labs are stronger looking and have a boxier face!

Chocolate English Labrador

Here's a lovely pic of a chocolate Lab. PP: Chocolate English Labrador

6 month old English white Lab

6 month old English Yellow Lab - I love the body structure of the English Lab

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What a gorgeous boy!

Yellow Labrador Retriever

Learn all about the Labrador Retriever dog breed.

The big lab

The English style Labrador Retriever

SHARING IS CARING!00000These different labrador types were bred for different purposes. One of the major differences between these 2 types of labs is their build. While American labs are thinner, English labs are stockier. Check the other differences between these lab types in the excerpt below: The American Labradors, also known as ‘Field’ or ‘Hunting’ …

Major Differences Between These Labrador Types - Labrador Training .

English Baby

English lab puppies are stockier, fatter and have shorter legs and bigger heads than American labs.--I just want to squeeze this little short, fat, big-headed, puppy FOREVER

Paloma Labrador Retrievers - Breeders of AKC Yellow & Black English labrador retrievers

Paloma Labrador Retrievers - Breeders of AKC Yellow & Black English labrador retrievers

My English Labrador puppy, HaLia !

English Labrador Puppy - I didnt even know there was an English kind!

English Labrador (show bred)

English Labrador hope my Finn grows up to look like this guy!

Minnesota White English Labrador Retriever puppies snow white Polar bear white Lab Retriever Breeders raising white & cream yellow Lab white...

Minnesota White English Labrador -- my dog has officially found her people! I had no idea these English creams even existed.

english lab.

english lab.

Fox Red English Labrador

I don't think I'll ever own another breed of dog - fox red Labs.

Chocolate Labrador retriever

Chocolate Labrador Retriever ~ The Finest of Fur and Feather

Tealwood Labrador Retrievers, located in Virginia

Tealwood Labrador Retrievers, located in Virginia