Classy English riding attire for stylish equestrians. This is a simple look that is both functional and flattering.

It should always fit the categories: Functional, Attractive, Comfortable, High quality and Durable.

Dusty pink on a lovely grey! 1 thing that makes the picture a little less pretty is that the tail of the horse is yellow. IF you want a white tail, make sure you have a look in my bord 'Grooming tips'! I revealed a secret over there for a white tail! - Jupinkle

"I bought her, her name is shaken sugar(sugar) she is a top class performance horse."she sighs "Only problem with buying her was that i had to sell steel, micky(my palomino) and saga"

Do you have the facts on the bit most commonly used in riding today? If not, we're breaking down the parts of the snaffle and the common ring and mouthpieces you'll find.

Great info on snaffle bits. I makes me crazy when people call all jointed bits snaffles like a "tom thumb snaffle". This infographic mentions how curb and snaffle bits use different types of pressure

I won’t clash my outfit with my horse ever again

tack shop, schools us all in color coordinating your horse and hunt coat. So we can come color correct (even when everything else falls apart.) Heather Struthers owns and operates Ottawa’s hippest tack shop: Performance Horse & Rider.

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" This is me and Granger on the European tour ! We loved every thimg . We stole the blue in the masters category , Granger is great !

16 things you shouldnt feed your horse

Guest post by Ryan White. Keeping a horse happy and healthy is a task that any horse owner is proud to complete. Whether you own a reti.

Bonita, Rhaelynn’s new horse imported from Spain

Bonita, Rhaelynn’s new horse imported from Spain