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The kinkajou (Potos flavus), also known as the 'honey bear' (a name it shares with the sun bear), is a rainforest mammal NOT a monkey. Native to Central America and South America, this mostly a frugivorous, arboreal mammal.


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Ocicat -- bright, easily trained, very affectionate. becomes very attached to the people in it's family but is not demanding. does well in a household with other pets. usually extroverted and friendly with strangers. being very sociable, it doesn't like being left alone for long periods.


African Serval kitten - they R too cute They are the most exotic pet ever.


Gypsy Vanner Horse Rescue | Pictures - Gypsy Vanner Horses - West Palm Beach exotic pets ...


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Arabische Emiraten verbieden bezit 'gevaarlijke exotische dieren'

Geweldig nieuws: de Verenigde Arabische Emiraten verbieden het houden van exotische wilde dieren! Zodra de wet definitief ingevoerd wordt, moeten eigenaren hun wilde huisdieren binnen zes maanden overdragen aan de autoriteiten, anders riskeren ze hoge boetes en celstraffen. In 2011 verbood emiraat Ajman al het houden van exotische en wilde dieren en reptielen, in 2014 volgde emiraat Sharjah. Nu volgen dus alle emiraten, wat een grote stap in de goede richting!

The Company of Wolves: One of 13 states allow residents to keep wolves as pets, no permits required. Want a tiger? You can have one in nine states, with no legal restrictions. According to Born Free USA, six states have no license or permit requirements for the private possession of exotic animals.


17-Oct-2014 15:13 - POLITIEMEDEWERKER VERWAARLOOSDE EIGEN HUISDIEREN. De politie heeft donderdagavond ruim 60 exotische dieren in beslag genomen in een woning in het Limburgse Schimmert. De dieren, waaronder...

The endearing and endangered proboscis monkey - Bako National Park, Borneo (by Lucie et Philippe)