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The Art Of Animation, Goro Fujita [ladies and gents, I proudly present the piece "Holy Cow Perspective"]

This looks awesome!!   Sandboarding.The most frequently visited sandboarding destinations in the world tend to be located in or around deserts and beaches, but there are plenty of other locations.  Check out

The unique concept of boarding on sand, sandboarding is a definite on our bucket list. The best sandboarding spots are The Middle East, The Outback, Africa and South America

Chasing waterfalls. #redbull #kayak

Kayak Whitewater kayaking is one of the most dangerous outdoor sports. Train well for something like this!

Kiteboard #inspiring

All about kiteboarding. World’s largest kite forum for every level. Search all info and get help from thousands of users worldwide. Several different forums for different styles, sports etc

#Extreme #Sports wingsuit

Red Bull does give you wings! This adventurous Red Bull consumer promotes the brand while enjoying a wild ride.

how about extreme strength??  "I've Never Felt So Aliiiiiiiiive"...Splat...

I do not understand why people do this! I mean The only way you'll ever see me rock climbing is at the fair plastic rocks and a rope= safety

28 Photos That Will Raise Your Heart Rate - Gallery

28 Photos That Will Raise Your Heart Rate

Funny pictures about Death Defyingly Beautiful. Oh, and cool pics about Death Defyingly Beautiful. Also, Death Defyingly Beautiful photos.