Eye color chart. I think that eyes help reflect their personalities. Maybe the girl with the purple eyes is very unique, or the boy with the big, brown eyes is gentle.

Eye Color Chart: Interesting Facts About the Different Variants

Some witch's eyes change color when they feel a certain emotion. It can be really hard to hide emotions because of this. Hazels eyes can turn any of these colors

An eye color chart i made, since i couldn't find any that i like on the internet.

I have Emerald eyes that are sometimes olive green and sometimes green blue----> eye color chart

Mary Kay eye color chart http://www.marykay.com/lisabarber68 call or text me 386-303-2400

Wondering what look works best for your eye color? Check out the mineral eye bundles! They even come with free eye applicators perfect for your compact!

colored contacts | Home Skin Care Contact Lenses LIZ Eye Color Contact Lenses - 20 Colors

LIZ Eye Color Contact Lenses - 20 Colors

E is for Eye.... Eye Color Chart Worksheet... also good practice for learning to look people in the eye.

Eye Color Chart

Help your preschooler conduct a fun experiment involving lots of interaction and learning about something that helps make people unique: eye color.

Example of a Human Eye Color Chart. You can view examples of common human eye colors in the following chart, along with some fun facts.

View examples of common human eye colors and interesting, fun facts about each

Eye Color Genetics Lab-did this in one of my science classes its definitely interesting- determining parental eye genotypes

Eye Color Genetics

This science fair project idea examines eye color genetics and the role it plays in eye color inheritance.

Co-Authors: Rebecca Gober and Courtney Nuckels: Eye Color Chart. Check out the eye color chart that corresponds with our apocalyptic powers in the series.

Check out this new ELE Series eye color chart that one of our lovely street team gals made for us!