Who knew anime guys could be so hot? Oh wait, it's just Gray, of course he's hot

I do like Gray.but not nearly as much as Natsu.yeah, Gray comes right after Gajeel for me, then Lyon after Gray.

rchella: “Little Gray ”

fairy tail obsessed // rchella: “Little Gray ”


Gray Fullbuster - It's not my art ,it's Hiro Mashima art :)

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When Natsu and Gray work together it's the best thing ever! Fairy Tail Natsu and Gray. Thank you to the creator!

Fairy Tail gray Crying | fairy tail | Viv 'd BIG Dreamer

When Gray cries, I cry. When I did my dad looked at me funny.

Gray Fullbuster - Fairy Tail

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Lol, I saw this with kakashi too. If you put those two together *-* that would be.... *0*

Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail

Gray :)                                                       …

Fairy Tail 446 - Demon Slayer Gray by DesignerRenan

Gray Fullbuster is my favorite anime character :3>>>> LET IT GOOOOO LET IT GOOOOO

Frozen Over (Gray x reader)

I need to watch Fairytale more >,<

Gray Fullbuster my fav character from Fairy Tail

Gray Fullbuster my fav character from Fairy Tail

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Fairy Tail x Reader

The Fairy Tail Gang - Fairy Tail is one of the best animes I've seen! They made their own family it makes me happy

False alarm just skipped ahead a few chaps they revived him gave me a freaking heart attack though

Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail) He is one of my anime husbands, oml.

Natsu and Gray

Natsu and Gray greys crying over Julia and natsu over Lucy

Fairy Tail

Read manga Fairy Tail Fairy Tail Code Blue online in high quality

°· Gruvia ·° | fairy tail, gray and gruvia

Gray x Juvia (Gruvia)

Fairy Tail Manga to Bundle 5th DVD With Sexy Poolside Anime

真島ヒロ on

Fairy Tail Grey by Hiro Mashima