Little fish cupcakes.

Little Fishy Cupcakes

These adorable Little Fishy Cupcakes are easy and fun and will be a hit with the kids and you just need frosting and some M&M's to make them.

Fish Cupcakes aren't these just the cutest you have ever seen? I think they are great!

Fish Cupcakes Ideas Easy Video Tutorial

Splish, splash we love these fish cupcakes! Tutorials via ‘Taste Book’ and ‘Two Sisters Crafting’ Fish Cupcakes Tutorial 1

Recipe For Aqua Blue Seaside Cupcakes - These are a fun treat to make for a pool party or a birthday. Children will love putting the fish in the "water"!!

Aqua Blue Seaside Cupcakes from Pillsbury® Baking are great for an under-the-sea themed kids birthday party! Create “waves” with the frosting by pulling your knife quickly away from the surface.

Bubble Guppie cupcakes - got this picture from someone else but I did the same thing because it was such a cute idea

Place a goldfish cracker atop a blue store-bought cupcake and you've got the little fish from Bubble Guppies! The perfect party hack for your preschooler's Bubble Guppies birthday party!

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The 11 Best Cupcake Cake Ideas

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