We check out several children's DVDs from our library each month. We loooove the library (it's free!) but the downfall to their wide variety of educational movies? Most are damaged and don't play without skipping or freezing in our DVD player. I experimented with a few different techniques of...

The Best and Easiest Way to Fix Scratched CDs and DVDs

Step-by-step directions for the best and easiest way to fix scratched DVDs.with lemon Pledge!- we just used this and it works!

The best way to fix scratched DVDs, CDs and Blu-rays!

The Best and Easiest Way to Fix Scratched CDs and DVDs

Fix scratch, freezing, and skipping CDs and DVDs with toothpaste. Put a few drops on the disc, enough to cover but not be really goopy. Use your fingers to buff the disc until the toothpaste is partly dry and feels tacky. Put pressure on the rubbing so it is rubbed in really well. Rinse well with warm water (toothpaste comes off easily). Pat dry with a soft cloth.

Revive scratched DVD’s/CD’s (and save your sanity!)

how to remove scatches from cds

Simple Way to Fix Scratched CDs and DVDs

How to Remove Scratches From Any DVD. Remove scratches from your favourite DVDs with a few household items, including peanut butter and toothpaste!

Tired of skipping dvd's and unreadable discs? Give these easy tricks a try!

How to fix scratched DVDs, CDs, and Games

Tired of skipping DVDs and unreadable games? Before your throw them out, give these easy tricks a try!

Fixing Scratched DVD's & Disney Replacment Program

Fixing Scratched DVD's & Disney Replacment Program I knew the toothpaste thing but HEY the Disney DVD replacement thing is AWESOME!

Fix Scratched CDs with Toothpaste. Did this today. I didn't try DVD until step 7. It worked! The kids are quietly watching a movie they haven't seen in 2 yrs due to a larger scratch.

MacGyver Tip: Fix scratched CDs with toothpaste

Use Kid's Crest toothpaste to remove scratches from dvds, cds and game discs.

Fixing Scratched CDs/DVDs - Who would have thought toothpaste could be used to buff away scratches from CDs & DVDs? I've used this method to save kid-scratched DVDs, and it WORKS!

Peanut buttery fix for scratched DVDs. I just tried this on a DVD that was long gone, so I wasn't worried about it. Rubbed some peanutbutter on Doc McStuffins, buffed it all off with tissue and boom, played like a charm!

I love peanut butter. On toast. Heck, straight out of the jar! When I was pregnant with Amelia I ate 18 pounds of peanut butter .