Flat Girl Problems

Seems about right I put the busty girl problems because they're common girl problems, but this is MY problem!

Flat Girl Perks/Problems - Imgur

Flat Girl Perks/Problems

Damn you small boobies!!!

This is finally relevant today.

How I feel everytime I try on a bra as an A-cup - meme, feel, everytime, a-cup.

Flat Girl Problems… Up Here Keira!

Funny pictures about Keira Knightley is a canvas. Oh, and cool pics about Keira Knightley is a canvas. Also, Keira Knightley is a canvas.

Ha ha!  I honestly think there's a lot more perks than busty ladies.  It's really only the image part that's the downfall.

Flat Girl Perks/Problems

Inspired by Busty Girl Comics, here are what flat-chested girls have to go through!