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23 Hip Tats That Will Make You Feel Some Type Of Way

Tattoos are sexy AF, well most of them anyway. We recently drooled over hot side boob tats that make us feel things and now we're moving a little…

Lotus Flower  Hip Tattoo Ideas - Black Tribal Lace Chandelier Mandala Leg Tat - MyBodiArt.com

100+ Most Popular Lotus Tattoos Ideas for Women

Mandala tattoo design ideas that are anything but basic. These mandala designs aren't just beautiful -- a mandala tattoo's meaning is also significant.

Flower Tattoo, Outline - No Fill interesting idea but i can imagine that it would be difficult to make the lines that thin and consistent

10 Artistic Flower Tattoo Designs

Flower Hip Tattoo, Outline - No Fill i know this isnt finished, but i want a rose tattoo on my hips soooo bad