Flute Problems

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And the flutes keep whacking each other and nobody has elbow room.... The curse of a giant band and a small stage

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Flute problems...... and people wonder why I can talk so fast in such a short period of time

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Flute Problems

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Flute Problems only the tubas air stays in the instrument while only half does for the flute

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You try holding a flute perfectly parallel for more than 15 minutes!

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Marching Band Problems. I mean yeah but some of the high notes are the loudest sooooo

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Actually its really funny and annoying at the same time because they r trying so hard but they r just not getting it

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Flute Problems <----- When I started playing Piccolo, all of my friends came over to where I was practicing that morning, and asked if it was a baby Clarinet, because it's black and silver

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That is the only time OTHER than the ear splitting high notes lol

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