Tangled - Flynn Rider / Eugene Fitzherbert

Day Favorite Hero Flynn Rider, of course! He is one of my all-time favorite disney characters, and he was willing to lose his life to save Rapunzel. That's a hero in my book!

oh flynn rider <3

Day 4 of the 30 Day Disney Challenge, Favorite Prince: probably Flynn Rider. I love the way he lovingly looks at Rapunzel. Adam (as a human) is the most attractive though.

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Eugene VS Hans (as if that's a fight! Actually that'd be a hilarious fight now that I think about it.

*FLYNN RIDER ~ Tangled, moment when you realize Eugene is really in love with Rapunzel and the moment i fell in love with Eugene

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"I have a dream like you, no really! Just much less touchy feely and mainly happens somewhere warm and sunny. On an island own-tanned and rested and alone. Surrounded by enormous piles of money!

Rapunzel and Flynn

Tangled - Rapunzel and Eugene. Flynn died here, and Eugene came back to life>> I will always cry at this scene even though I know that he lives. Her tears are so real and you can see that she is heartbroken. WILL ALWAYS CRY!

Flynn Rider

Am I the only one with a semi-secret crush on a fictional, not to mention animated, character or. Trust me, I've seen much worse than a crush on Flynn Ryder.