I need a second album                                            Badly.

Random Inspiration 116

Frank Ocean and Adam Lambert were both nominated for GLAAD awards, as well as the Buffy comics, Glee, NBC's The New Normal and Lana Wachowski's film, Cloud Atlas.

One of my favorite singers-- I love his style, and I admire his ability to come out so publicly as a fellow member of the queer community.

Frank Ocean + one of my all time favorite paintings. 'The Scream' by Edvard Munch

The Beautiful Ocean

Not really into this type of music genre but Frank Ocean really got me liking it.

Frank Ocean mixing it up

Frank Ocean: Cruise Control

Celeb Kicks: Frank Ocean Goes Hard in the Paint For Air Jordan III’s on In Flex We Trust – This picture of Frank Ocean can be looked at artistic, which…

I love the color orange.   In all it's ranges from tangerine to coral to rust.   It's a hard color to love, but I adore it.

~Frank Ocean~ ~Channel Orange~ ~My taste in music is a million miles away from this, i never thought it'd be something id get into.