They all look so attentive! Especially that earnest little guy immediately in front! There's just too much cuteness in this photo!

37 Times Golden Retrievers Proved They're Sunshine Dogs

Funny pictures about Therapy Puppies In Training. Oh, and cool pics about Therapy Puppies In Training. Also, Therapy Puppies In Training photos.

All the shades a Golden Retriever can come in. I love them all!!

Shades of Goldens! Nugget's color would be fifth from the right! I used to be part of a Golden Group and the shades always fascinated me! Nugget's dad was color third in from right and her mom was third in from left ;

Dogs with Christmas Lights, Fun and Creative Christmas Card Photo Ideas,,

20 Fun and Creative Christmas Card Photo Ideas

I just found my Christmas card idea for Molly. Who says dog moms can't have Christmas cards too?

Golden Retriever Puppy knows his limit.-- this is exactly like my German Shepard puppy EMILY, I COULDN'T HELP IT, LOL !!!!! I SAW THIS AND THOUGHT OF LAYLA !!!!!!! :)                                                                                                                                                     More

10 Reasons You Should Get a Dog

Aww, I used to have to carry my puppy home on walks. Now she's a big girl and I need someone to carry ME home!

did someone order a best friend?

42 Pictures That Will Make You Almost Too Happy

Beware Of Animals With Funny Captions – 28 Pics. *This would be the most awesome way to get a dog as a gift!

You said we could go to the dog park?

Chester the European Golden Retriever likes the head massager:-RRB-. Golden Retriever loves Head Massager Chester the European Golden Retriever loves the head massager 🙂

Golden Retriever Christmas Tree ==>

Golden Retriever Christmas Tree - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!