Funny Signs!!! Bebe'!!! Someone did not think about this sign!!!

by carrier pigeon, smoke signals, jungle drums or by sending Lassie with a note tied to her collar.

Interesting compositions of signs, which have a second degree level of meaning with the cemetry sign direction.

20 Funny Street Signs From Around The World

Are herds of elderly people such a big problem in this area that it warranted a warning sign? Apparently, they are migrating towards to the cemetery?

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The meaning of signs

(funny) mess up sign--virtual space--low cognitive effort. This sign does not have much substance to it (making it easy to look at or read), however, I deemed it confusing because the turn-offs are not clearly marked. Which exit is one supposed to take?

Just saw this over the weekend- Road sign in Kentucky

I assumed this to be a very clear and serious message. I would say low cognitive effort, although I could see how someone could consider it high cognitive effort.

There are many road signs posted along the highways in Canada to beware of Moose on the roads.