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This kitchen ad appeared in Ladies Home Journal in mid 1945. It may have been the first of the New Freedom Gas Kitchen ads published. This one is notable for its blue, white, and yellow color scheme and no name ... the rest of the kitchen designs had names. LOVE the window and garden!


As part of the New Freedom Gas Kitchen advertising campaign, the American Gas Association publish this kitchen design called the "Breakfast Booth Kitchen." The burgundy, gray, and gold color scheme was very new in 1945 and departed from many of the old standbys. I want a booth!


This ad for a "Mixing Corner Kitchen" was published in American Home magazine. Red, green, yellow, and crisp white steel cabinetry was a classic color combo. The steel cabinetry was big during the post-War years as companies retooled to meet the needs for kitchen cabinets instead of machine gun turrets. So cheery! The mixing corner is nifty-neato!


Intended to appeal to owners of older homes who may have wanted a kitchen update for their mid-1920s house, this ad by the American Gas Association was published in American Home. During the post-War years, they published a series of attractive color illustrations reflecting the current trends in kitchen design.


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Another article discussing the study in the Journal of the American Medical Association that looked at 37 reanalyses of published studies. Thanks to @Allison_RippyWM


Chilean vulcanologist Gabriel Orozco told local television there were fears the volcano would produce a ‘pyroclastic flow’, a super-hot current of gas and rock that can fall to the ground and destroy everything in its path. (AAP)