How to cover seams on vinyl walls in manufactured homes - use tape and joint compound

Kitchen Makeover: Update #3 - Oh, the Spackle

Mobile homes have always been an affordable housing alternative, even if manufactured housing hasn’t been considered on the high end of design. But these homeowners remodeled and restyled their mobile homes in some stunning makeovers that will make you look twice at manufactured homes. These 9 before and after mobile home remodels will inspire you with design ideas no matter what the size and style of your own home.

Before and After: 9 Totally Amazing Mobile Home Makeovers

U.S home prices soared 12.1 percent in April from a year earlier (the biggest gain in 7 years) as more buyers are chasing fewer homes...
"...moisture can be a big issue for mobile homes. We tend to suffer with pretty poor insulation. Many states and the federal government developed new building standards for manufactured housing in the late 90′s. Our home was built in ’95. Enough said… The insulation, windows, and studding quality is questionable at best." - The McGees
Houston Company Designs Roomy Tiny Houses for Only $5,000! Arched Cabins out of the Houston area set out to design and manufacture tiny houses that they could sell for only $5k and they absolutely blew it out of the water! They can be made in widths ranging from 14’ to 24’ and any length that you choose and costs are from $200 to $320 per linear foot (based on the width). The base price only includes the ribs, beams, paneling, flooring, and insulation but it’s a good start for a low price!

Houston Company Designs Roomy Tiny Houses for Only $5,000!

“Manufactured housing industry, we’ve got a pricing problem!” (I say “we” as I’m sorta in the industry). No, our prices are not too high...
45 Great Manufactured Home Porch Designs

45 Great Manufactured Home Porch Designs

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