Use back comb to add volume to the front and use a product to smooth hair and get rid of frizz an fly away hairs. Make sure you comb out the hair properly so there is no knots or bumps.

Chinese hair style (FYI - I've seen this several times captioned as Geisha hair. This is not a Geisha.

Sensational Ethnic Spreads - ‘The Orchid Thief’ by Jordan Duvall is an Oriental Delight (GALLERY)

Sensational Ethnic Spreads

Jordan Duvall - ‘The Orchid Thief’ by Jordan Duvall drew inspiration from the orient. Drawing elements from the Asian culture.

lovely kanzashi hair ornaments from Japan. In modern day Japan, fabric ornaments are typically worn with kimono on special occasions.

Japanese cherry blossom hairpin

These Japanese hairpins are too stunning to wear

Exquisite Japanese Floral Hair Ornaments Handcrafted from Resin by Sakae resin Japan hair flowers fashion - Cherry Blossom 02 [ "簪作家 榮 明けの桜 -Cherry Blossom- 】 Japanese hair accessory - Cherry Blossom Kanzashi - by Sakae, Japan, Photo by Osamu Yamazaki"

Inspiration for my geisha mannequin

tanuki-kimono: “ Nihongami: women hairstyle structure guide, by Penta This guide is a very nice start if you wish to draw (or try styling your hair ^^) in nihongami (Japanese hairdo).


This hair style is one of my favourites. I like how the hair is not completely sleek back, its messy but effective. It looks very bold and strong, I like how the hair has been wrapped around its self, It creates a longer, exaggerated bun.

Amazing Geisha. One of my challenges is to be able to do Geisha Hair b/c the makeup comes easily to me. So stunning!

beautiful / japanese / woman / portrait / beauty : kyoto japan, geiko (geisha*) kimika 宮川町の芸妓 君香さん *geisha are known as geiko in Kyoto FREE MAC GIFT CARD CLICK

Image work 2 by *kse332 at deviantart

Beautiful artwork of a woman in a hanbok with traditional Korean hair. Image work 2 by