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I once owned a Day Gecko like this one. They are very fun to watch with their vibrient colors and adorable personalities. I would catch moths for him and watch him climb around the tank after them. Once he caught one he would move his head from side to side to show off what he caught to the other lizards in the tank. Kind of like he was saying "Na na na na na you didn't get it, I did!".

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˚Golden-tailed Gecko (Strophurus taenicauda)

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Is This a Real Life Pokemon?

Not furry or fuzzy, but just as cute. More

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The Tokay Gecko is a nocturnal arboreal gecko, ranging from northeast India and Bangladesh, throughout Southeast Asia, Philippines to Indonesia and western New Guinea. Its native habitat is rainforest trees and cliffs, and it also frequently adapts to rural human habitations, roaming walls and ceilings at night in search of insect prey.

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Gordon Gecko! | Photography by @gecko_tokay #Naturegeography

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Design You Trust. - Amazing Animals Collection

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ER31DC - Day 16 Tribal by Rachos Nail Love

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21 Ridiculously Photogenic Animals [PICS]

Yes, she's very pretty. At least it looks like a "she." Ridiculously Photogenic Lizard. So pretty, but Kinda scary.

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gecko, this would be a cool tattoo

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Three sizes are available…one will be perfect for even the largest chameleons, crested geckos, gargoyle geckos and other tree-dwelling animals.

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