Colorful Gerber Daisies

Gerbera symbolizes beauty, innocence and purity. Oh, that's why I was atracted by that flower.

Bright ORANGE GERBER DAISIES Fine Art Photograph Flower Photography Garden Lovers Orange Green Colors Vibrant Bright Gerber Daisy Flowers. $22.50, via Etsy.

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Bright orange gerber daisies-I'll plant some of these durable beauties in my garden next year. They have thick, long stems and they last as cut flowers for two weeks easily!

Gerber Daisies: one of my favorite flowers. And you can find them in so many vibrant colors <3

Gerber Daisy - with a heart shape inside, another flower I want to incorporate into my mother memorial tattoo

sunflowers and gerber daisy.. Add a few peonies and I'm in love

Pretty bouquet of sunflowers and gerber daisy. Great for a country rustic shabby chic or garden wedding.

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