Brave and loyal German Shepard

Brave and loyal German Shepard

Beautiful longhaired German Shepherd. Have fallen in love with Shepherds here in Germany. Active, hard working and affectionate. And Cute. <3

5 Dog Breeds For Single Women German Shepherd is a very famous and versatile breed. It has got a good reputation because of its services in police and army. These dogs are one of the best proven guard dogs. This large dog (tall and up to about 90 pounds)

German Shepherd Puppy

20+ Cute German Shepherd Dogs and Facts You Should Know!

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The German Shepherd

So far, my barking has saved mom and dad from murder by 16 ups drivers, 8 mailmen, 3 girl scouts and 1 sketchy looking plastic bag.and yet they remain ungrateful.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute German Shepherd Puppy Of The Day...see more at -The FUN site for Animal Lovers

Pick: Cute German Shepherd Puppy Of The Day

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English to German dog commands.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Rottweiler - Loving Confident and Loyal

Beautiful German Shepherd puppy!

Beautiful German Shepherd puppy!