i would like my hair if it was this red but mines all brown and dark red and it's UGLY

the-bobbybee: “sean-clancy: “ Dan on the Isle of Man, 2016 by Daniyel Lowden ” 160814 160630 ”

Hey, I'm Colorado. I've got a passion for snowboarding, and I love cold weather. My birthday is August 1 and I am 17. I spend a lot of time on the slopes or hiking the mountains where I live. I can be a bit of a daredevil, but that's what life is about, right? Live it to the fullest.

Hey, I'm Colorado. I've got a passion for snowboarding, and I love cold weather…

rhett, hardworking and independent. doesn't want anything to hold him back, but that might just be what he needs.

Linus Wordemann Gryffindor (half blood, happy family two younger siblings older girl youngest boy not at Hogwarts yet) [Amber's match] (sweet, insanely loyal, very tender and caring also keeps his promises)

Tavis tryring to hide he's intelligent

Bodybuilding Diet

Lord Christopher (Kit) Hathaway, right hand to Prince Benjamin of House Branwell

This guy would make a nice model for Wash. I like his freckles an his tousled hair.

Maverick, the second oldest (and a twin) of 5 redhead kids! You will see pins of the rest of the reckless crew! Personality description: mature, smart, wise, playful he's 18

This is mostly a board of faces, not bodies. But oh, that hair! And all those gorgeous freckles. Oh, and the back is nice too! Photography by Ricky John Molloy

misformazing: “ for-redheads: “ Photography by Ricky John Molloy ” he looks like a gorgeous mythical creature.