girl fact #41 I wonder if girls look at me and think 'i wish i was as pretty as her' because that's what i think when i look at everyone else

It's a mind blowing concept to think that someone else may think those things about me, and I will bet you everything I own that they never do.

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Nice=hurt - That's not true at all. You can be the biggest jerk and still get hurt.

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Everyone thinks that it's every girl's dream to find the perfect guy. I already found the perfect guy, so it's my dream to eat without getting fat

call me hot and I will instantly turn the other direction                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Girl fact call her beautiful not hot she's a women not a temperature>>> yasss i hate when guys say hot i dont know why

This is wrong. So. Wrong. She is insecure and projecting. Bullshit.

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All girl's will know this feeling eventually. Don't give up on it, before you've had the chance of experiencing it just because Destiny is taking its sweet time!

Guys & Girlz..wat really matters is their feelings for each other..a feeling of trust,togetherness n love..:)

guys fact vs girls fact, I'm gonna have to say I like the girls side because mostly we can tell when someone's lying so yea boys. Watch it lol but not always watching if you are lying tho.