This would be sufficient for every day wear.  Can't have people forgetting who they are dealing with

Adult size 19 glittery gold lace princess/prince crown embellished with genuine Swarovski crystals. Each crown is made to order and custom options

Gold Full Bridal Crown, GRACE Scroll Swarovski Crystal Wedding Crown, Edwardian Wedding Tiara, Royal Bridal Crown- GRACE MANCHESTER Crown

Full Bridal Crown with Pearls- ALEXANDRA Swarovski Crystal Wedding Crown, Crystal Wedding Tiara, Diamante Tiara, Bridal Tiara

Magestic Queen King Full Gold Crown

Majestic Queen King Full Gold Crown

MAJESTIC QUEEN KING GOLD CROWN Finally a crown truly fit for a Queen or King, this extraordinary crown measures 3 inches tall in 6 through 8 in wide large filigree scattered throughout.

White and Gold Wedding Crown, Tiara. #gold 'princess 'wedding 'tiara. Bridesmaid tiaras

I am Princess Georgia. I am eighteen years old. I love adventures and riding in carriages. I love tiaras that are exquisite. I like exploring and I have one big secret. My pet is a dog named Tilly. She's a golden doodle, and royal.

FULL ROUND MEN'S REGENCY RHINESTONE GOLD CROWN A stunning, beautiful, imposing full crown, worthy of a world class Royal King The crown has an elegant scroll design with peaks rising to make a stateme

The Regency Full Rhinestone Unisex Queen King Gold Crown

The Regency Full Rhinestone unisex Queen king Gold Crown – RoyaltyCrowns

Gold crown Ravenna Inspired Adult queen crown 3d by MudandMajesty

Gold crown Ravenna Inspired Adult queen crown by MudandMajesty

"The Danish crown jewels Copenhagen Polished Ends Concierge Lifestyle Management & Event Design. NYC-Westchester-The Hamptons-Connecticut. Our Consultants strive to offer flexibility, attention to detail and unparalleled services. We Will Put the Finishing Touches On Your Life."

Now THIS is a crown! The Danish crown jewels Copenhagen Kbenhavn Rosenborgcastle.