Awesome. It's like a new spin on Morticia's chair.

Proving tat a chair can be sexy, Dror Benshetrit created the Lily Lace chair, which represents the feminine beauty and attraction of a chair.

WANDERLUSTING: Fresh to death in New Orleans — The Decorista | Mad Hatter's Manor

WANDERLUSTING: Fresh to death in New Orleans

beautiful black bed

I bought the canopy I always wanted since I was a wee girl… I feel like a princess, but I need to get serious about dusting the cobwebs out of my room now. I woke up to a friendly daddy longlegs one too many times. just completely adore this one..this one might also be the winner, I dont know anymore they are all so amazing!

cloth/light “headboard” around bat blanket. black fabric/purple lights - Interior Decor Luxury Style Ideas - Home Decor Ideas

Dark Romance DIY Chalkboard Art - Annabel Lee Quote by Edgar Allan Poe - Gothic Valentine -

Take a Quote from your favorite Gothic Literature Love Poem, like Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe, and transform a thrift store frame into a work of art.

16.They had a gloomy set of rooms in the basement of the house.

8 Outstanding Pieces From Anthropologie's August Catalog

Antique Bedroom Furniture ~ vintage wallpaper, antique walnut head & foot board, antique wooden night stand with beautiful, luxury modern linens, pillows & comforter!