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White trash fuck clown is my new favorite insult<< I've actually used pompous crotch hammer before, I was roleplaying as karkat

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'bro' ~ the many ways to have fun with the word 'bro' ~ finding ways to work these into conversations. XD

Community Post: 24 Important Life Lessons D.J. Tanner From "Full House" Taught Us

Nicknames stick, and they're not always fun. | 24 Important Life Lessons D.J. Tanner From "Full House" Taught Us

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Sebastian Stan (aka Vanilla Ice or Sexy Seabass) and Anthony Mackie (aka Chocolachino or Mack Attack)

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supernatural tumblr textpost castiel cas lucifer satan funny lol season 12

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if you're my friend, it's more likely to be ho, bitch, babe, nerd, weirdo, idiot, sexy, beautiful, child, dear, love, etc...but if I don't know you I guess I'd be forced to use the ones on the post but I prob. wouldn't be talking to someone I don't know that well anyway. also I refuse to use mate. just no. ew. animals engaging in coitus is the only acceptable use for the word mate.

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Random Funny Pictures

The Funny Beaver Random Funny Pictures - August 13, 2014

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#Psych — Gus don't be ... Topher Grace running on the beach at the end of "In Good Company".

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My dad’s nicknames for The Avengers…

Thor and Loki, Clint, Bruce, Steve, Tony, Natasha, Maria, Coulson, and Fury<-- Oh my!! This is so perfect.

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