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Tibetan Gratitude symbol, means thankfulness, count your blessings, noticing simple pleasures and acknowledging everything that you receive.

What do happiness, the ability to say yes and learning gratitude have in common? They are all things you need to be a better you. Watch these 12 Ted talks to be inspired to become a better you.

12 Ted Talks To Watch & Become A Better You

With all the end of the year commotion, projects due and finals to be done, you have to sit down and remember what this Thanksgiving hol

What Are You Thankful For?

When you focus your attention on what you DO want and on what is already good in your life, you create feelings of hope and possibility. And this moves you forward in positive ways. So starting today (yes, today) notice the many blessings you have in your

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enjoy today, even if you feel awful do SOMETHING for you. Have a funny DVD to laugh at or just have. enjoyment can be defined in many ways!