A Greek Garden Wall Fountain Of A God Like Face Surrounded By Vines ...

Picture of A greek garden wall fountain of a god like face sounded by vines stock photo, images and stock photography.

Think I would like to try faux windows on my concrete block wall if I ever get it stucco'ed or painted

Things We Love...Garden Envy

A garden is a wonderful place to sit outdoors. You can sit and do many things like drink tea or coffee and read. The green colour of plants helps you relax and the clean air makes you comfortable. I wish to sit in this same place.

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LOVE this garden design.only thing would have to get a crane to move my massive 4 seasons & their bases around my garden & have this setting built.LOVE THIS DESIGN inspiration :Godinton House Garden, Ashford, Kent, England

Discover author Claire Lloyd's beautiful house and garden on the island of Lesvos on HOUSE - design, food and travel by House & Garden.

My Greek Island Home

What the Greek gardeners know: a Mediterranean climate requires you to embrace extremes. Dry summers. Wet winters. Hot sun. Oh, and little surprises from the sea (here's some salt spray and wind for you). It's no wonder the classic Greek garden is designed, first and foremost to stand up to the elements. With these tips, yours can too:

10 Garden Ideas to Steal from Greece

A mediterranean garden in a summer house in Heraklion, Crete ©Eleni Psyllaki

⭐Dubai Miracle Garden @ Dubai, UAE⭐ Absolutely gorgeous!

World's largest natural flower garden in Dubai

tsū: Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai, UAE World’s biggest natural flower garden,” this sq. foot garden contains over 45 million flowers, and is maintained through drip irrigation and the recycling of waste water.

Traditional Landscape/Yard with Bird bath, Rustic Red Giant Exhibition Coleus Seeds, Lavender Lace Cuphea Hyssopifolia

Traditional Landscape/Yard with Bird bath, Rustic Red Giant Exhibition Coleus Seeds, Lavender Lace Cuphea Hyssopifolia - Gardening Choice Org

Xeriscaping – landscape (an area) in a style which requires little or no irrigation. Xeriscaping is a water conservation concept that originated in Colorado and now spreading across the United States. The term Xeriscape is a combination of two Greek words – xeros meaning dry, and scape meaning view. It is not the same as “zero-scaping”, [...]

Xeriscaping, Drought Tolerant Land Cover

combining texture, shape, colour - Native Agave Garden "native to the southern and western United States, Mexico and central and tropical South America"