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Nails grunge by Stigmh_Mou | We Heart It
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Creepy Cute Pastel Goth Nails Kawaii Grunge Nail Art | Bubblegum | Made To Order- DIY Fake Nails, False Nails, Press On Nails, Glue On Nails

Creepy Cute Pastel Goth Press On Nails | Kawaii Grunge Nail Art "Bubblegum" Pink | Purple | Fake Nails | False Nails | Skull | Glue On Nails

space grunge nails!!
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The longer the nails, the more witchy they look, if your nails do not grow much and look smaller, you can also use artificial nails for the same feel and effect
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21 Times Music Fans Won The Nail Art Game

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Black and white grunge hipster nails
Space Grunge- dont care for the shape of her nails but the nailpolish is great
Very interesting effect achieved by layering colours over black and then removing them with acetone and a paint brush | Them, Paint brushes and Grunge nails
90s pizza nails